Travelling by train is one of the most scenic and relaxing ways to discover the real Britain. A fast and frequent rail network means that nearly all areas of Britain can be easily discovered by train and public transport. The BritRail Pass is a cost effective and flexible train pass that covers the whole of the UK (excluding Northern Ireland) and offers as standard travel at both peak and off peak times.

Make the most of your visit to Great Britain with this pass which provides access to all trains on Great Britain’s National Rail Network. Explore destinations throughout England, Scotland and Wales. Hop on and off the trains as you wish!

BritRail Map

Why purchase a BritRail pass?

  • Save money! – With passes costing from just AUD$36 per day, you’ll make big savings compared to buying individual tickets
  • Children travel free with most passes meaning a family of 4 only pays for 2 adults!
  • Free airport transfers are included with many types of BritRail passes
  • Get straight on the train without having to wait in line at the ticket office at the start of each journey
  • International exclusive – BritRail passes are only available to overseas visitors. Make sure you buy before you arrive!

Download any BritRail Flexible or Consecutive Pass directly to your phone and save on the shipping cost. With the M-Pass there’s no need to wait in the ticket line, simply scan the barcode and you can enter the train platform. This pass can also be printed in the PDF format in case of loss or theft. M-Passes are not eligible for the Saver discount. One free seat reservation is included with each Flexible M-Pass purchase.

Are there different types of BritRail passes?

Yes, there are passes for all types of holidays, schedules, and travellers. If you’re planning only to travel around England, you can purchase the BritRail England Pass, if you’d love to spend your time making the most of the Scottish countryside, you can use our BritRail Spirit of Scotland Pass.

Beyond our regional rail passes, there are additional types of passes that can suit the way you travel. For example, the tech savvy traveller can use the electronic BritRail M-Pass.

  • BritRail Spirit of Scotland Rail M-Pass – Buy your BritRail Spirit of Scotland M-Pass from VisitBritain.
  • BritRail GB Consecutive M-Pass – Purchase your UK-wide BritRail M-Pass with VisitBritain.
  • BritRail England Consecutive M-Pass – Scan your phone and go as you travel throughout England by train with the new M-Pass!
  • BritRail London Plus M-Pass – Travel throughout London with this convenient BritRail Mobile Pass!
  • BritRail South West Rail Consecutive M-Pass – Buy your BritRail South West M-Pass from VisitBritain.
  • North of England City Experience Rail Pass – Travel conveniently around the North of England with this 5 city rail pass!
  • GWR Great West Way® Discoverer pass – The Great West Way is one of England’s premier rail passes, connecting its most famous destinations such as Bath, Bristol and Stonehenge.

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Information sourced from Visit Britain
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